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Frequently Asked Questions

Interview in Harlem

Q: What qualifications do you have with children?

Yes! I have a background in adult and adolescent training, so I have an appreciation for interaction and involvement with learning and memories. Your students (or your pod, no matter the arrangement) will have fun while learning in the environments where history happened!

Q: What are some topics that can be taught?

New York City itself is the best textbook! I can teach U.S. History, Geology, Sciences, Diversity, immigration, American Indian history and culture, world trade, history of finance, architecture, social studies, music history, literary history, and of course New York history!

Q: What is your touring schedule?

All of my tours, and these learning experiences, are all by appointment only. This is so I can plan your experience accordingly.

Q: How much do your events cost?

Pricing vary. It depends on the number of participants, admission fees, transportation costs and other factors. I will always try to budget the tours to your needs. Call for pricing.

Q: How long do they take?

This depends on your tour choices. Some are about 3 hours. Special tours can be a full day!

Q: Why is Jared doing this?

Jared is a licensed NYC Tour guide and found the need for this in these challenging times with schools trying to re-open. Find out more about Jared at Jared The NYC Tour Guide website.

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