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Pod and Virtual Learning in NYC

Brooklyn Bridge

The concept here is to take your students through New York City and teach the subject of your choice. The students can be part of your class that needs to be out of the school room that day, or your family and friends that have formed your own pod.

I believe that New York City is the best textbook around! Get your students into a safe, outdoor environment and give them a learning experience they will never forget.

As a fully licensed NYC Tour Guide I can take your group around on for around the city. I can also provide a virtual learning experience by creating NYC based learning videos according to your own curriculum. Either way I guarantee it will be engaging and a learning experience maybe not only for the children, but for the parents as well!

During this time we are all trying to find ways to make learning safe and engaging so our students don't fall behind. What better way than to create a lasting memory for the children as they really engage and learn. And this is not going to be just a side trip for fun, much of the content can come directly from what their curriculum dictates.

Help your kids and stay safe!

Topics that can be taught using the streets of New York City are (in part)

  • U.S. History
  • History of other countries and cultures (China, Ireland, Italy, Jewish, German)
  • Geology
  • Sciences
  • Diversity and Immigration
  • American Indian history and culture
  • World trade
  • History of finance
  • Architecture
  • Social studies
  • Music history
  • Literary history
  • and of course New York history

Contact me for more details and to see what is possible.

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